Monday, November 6th, 2017

8:45a – 9:30a

Registration & Light Refreshments

9:30a – 9:40a

Opening Remarks & Welcome

Michael McCartan
Managing Director – EMEA

9:40a – 10:35a

Cognitive and Predictive Intelligence: How Watson will Change Hospitality – Opening Keynote

With the help of IBM’s Watson, many industries outside of hospitality have been able to push forward into next generation data collection, forecasting and analysis. Learn from one of the foremost experts in the field how Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning have allowed businesses to make better decisions with more insight. Greenstein will discuss how the power of predictive data is leading hotels to a similar transformation. Predictive and Cognitive Analytics will transform the way hoteliers forecast and more accurately anticipate the needs of their guests.

Bret Greenstein
Vice President, Consumer Business
IBM Watson Internet of Things

10:35a – 10:45a


10:45a – 11:45a

Rethinking Hotel Technology – Panel Discussion

As distribution and the technology powering it continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, hoteliers are beginning to realize the architecture they've built and used through the years to manage bookings and guests is not well equipped for today's digital marketplace. Rather than bolting on more solutions to an already fragile ecosystem, innovative hotels are beginning to rethink their tech stack and are looking for ways to better integrate multiple systems in a modern cloud architecture to better personalize offers and experiences for guests. Like health care and the financial services sectors already moving in this direction, hoteliers are seeing the benefits of an open API structure connected in the cloud that provides easier and safer sharing of data, while also enabling more flexibility and the ability to respond rapidly to changing consumer preferences and new technologies. If you could start over from scratch, would your tech stack look like it does today?
11:45a – 12:45p

Brunch & Networking

12:45p – 13:45p

The Untapped Potential of Personalization: A Brand vs. Independent Approach – Panel Discussion

As more guests become accustomed to standard amenities such as free WiFi and complimentary breakfasts, current loyalty programs are becoming a thing of the past. Travelers want more personalized service and hoteliers are yearning to know more about their customers. Building guest profiles that can be shared securely among systems allows hotels to build a special relationship with each and every guest.

Ines Miro Sands
Casa Bonay

Karen Plumb
Director of Demand & Distribution
Premier Inn

Suzie Thompson
VP Marketing, Distribution & Revenue Mgt
Red Carnation Hotels

13:45p – 13:55p


13:55p – 14:55p

Extreme Customer Centricity in a Networked World – Closing Keynote

Customer behavior has changed and the speed of the market and how companies, themselves, need to become a network if they want to survive. But, above all, companies must put the customer first if they want to be successful. Not just as a nice slogan, but as a rational program of drastic change, in which processes and procedures have to be rethought from scratch: a program in which `digital’ plays a key role in order to give customers what they want in a warm and human manner.

Rik Vera

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